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Hi! First time poster, so be gentle with me.

I've been reading cards for over a decade, both personally and professionally.

I've recently made the decision to create my own deck for private use and was wondering if anyone around here had done the same and could offer any introspection into any kind of changes in reading this might cause.

Thank you for your time.

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I've pondered the same idea, but I haven't managed to accomplish anything yet. I don't know how it would affect readings.

Do you by any chance frequent Aeclectic Tarot's Forum? I know they have a section specifically for deck creation, and this subject might be something that could be discused in the Talking Tarot section as well.

I'm curious what any other commenters have to say on the matter. And I wish you luck on creating your deck!
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From: [personal profile] melannen

I've been working on one for years (I'm the sort of person who decided I needed to be able to do things like make my own paints first! So, yeah, years.)

I think it won't change my readings too much, but that's partly because I've always used my own set of meanings, not basing it too much on the images on any given deck of cards.
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I have my own deck with entirely different meanings based on the concept of a card deck that might be used for both card games and divinations inside the human world of The Lord of the Rings, with different suites representing different human cultures. Instead of being a traditional tarot deck, I created completely new set of minor arcana, excluding the major arcana, with new meanings and different archetypes. I haven't ever had the deck illustrated, but have used blank cards with the names of the cards written on it for private readings. It's such a drastically different deck from any published tarot deck in existence, it naturally brings something different to the table. That said, I find the practice of creating a deck of any kind to be deeply meditative and as illuminating as the readings themselves.
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Now *that* one sounds really intriguing, the LOTR theme as you present it!


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