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 Robert Place's Alchemy and Tarot book has been submitted to Lightening Source Press, at least according to his FaceBook account.

 Baba Studio/Magical Realist Press might reprint the Victorian Romantic Tarot again this year, and I know I'll be purchasing a few copies for sure, since I was very disappointed that the first time I ever even heard of it was when it was sadly sold out. Next to Deviant Moon, I thought it had some of the best Tarot art ever, it clicked so well for me.


 On a personal note I think I'll be giving Lo Scarabeo a try this month, so does anyone out there have an opinion on Tarot of the Pagan Cats?

 I'm also interested in the Wizard Tarot, so naturally I'm also interested in any opinions current users of it may have.

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I have Tarot of the Pagan Cats -- I haven't used it for readings yet, but have examined the cards several times. I do quite like it for it's lovely illustrations.

Of course, I'll admit to 'collecting' all of the cat themed decks. Baba/Magic Realists' Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot kind of spoiled me though, as it's probably the most gorgeous cat deck you're ever going to find. If you just want a lovely cat deck that's great to work with, I'd actually recommend that over the Pagan Cats. The Bohemian Cats Tarot is finally back in print; the 3rd edition is available now at the Baba store, or through Amazon in March.

I'd love to see them reprint the Victorian Romantic, as just like you, I was never aware it until it was out of print and priced like rare gems.
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