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 After seeing some accusations against Marcus Katz in a thread in an review, I googled around to see what the drama was about and OMGWHATISTHISICAN'TEVEN.

 Janet Boyer, who really hates Donnaleigh de LaRose-the woman who runs and hosts the Tarot Tribe podcast, decides it's a great idea to upload her badly written snuff murder fantasy story on Amazon, then bitches about the backlash against her, one she most certainly deserves. The hypocrisy from Boyer, as you can see from the FaceBook thread, is astounding. Oh sure, Storm Cestavani unsurprisingly turns out to be a fraud (to me at least) and perhaps de LaRose should have been more open about it after kicking him off after she discovered the truth about him, but face it, Boyer is promoting New Wage cult-friendly bullshit like The Work and The Law of Attraction so it's the pot calling the kettle black. Whatever problems there might be with that program-which I believe is still worth listening to-at least de LaRose isn't doing this to feed in to her ego. Boyer's fauxpology clearly shows she has no regrets at all about what she did, oh noooooooo, it's just that evil Tarot community doesn't recognize her genius, her work is like Stephen King and Dexter novels, criticizing and shunning people for making death threats means you don't really understand edgy fiction.

 The bright side is is that she's been kicked out of and refused entry to a lot of Tarot and cartomancy groups and gatherings, both online and off, but I felt it'd be a good idea if I helped spread the word in order to help keep a good trend going.
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