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([personal profile] possum posting in [community profile] tarot May. 23rd, 2012 08:38 pm)
I'd like to start an action and answer all kinds of questions in the love sphere, using Tarot Of The Dream Enchantress. It's a deep and hopeful deck, and is really interesting with such kind of questions.
From you I need your name and birth date, and same for the person you are asking about. Photos are real help, too.
And, of course, a question, with a brief (or not so brief - up to you) description of the situation.
I'll do the first one for free, but if there would be more requests, I need to take some payment (webmoney), but the sum is completely up to you, you can send it after my answer.
Comment here, and then sent me your question via e-mail right away: shigella@list.ru
Good luck and blessed be.

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