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What deck(s) do you use and why?

Do you think individual decks (instances of the same design) have their own personalities - like, do you expect your copy of Rider-Waite to behave differently from my copy of Rider-Waite?

Do you use different decks for different readings?

Do you put the Crowley and Waite decks together and shake the jar to see if they'll fight? (Don't laugh, I've heard of people doing it.)

Does a deck work better if you receive it as a gift than if you buy it? Is it necessary, or unthinkable, to steal your deck? (All positions I've heard people advocate seriously.)

These days I mostly use the Manara Erotic tarot. Probably an unusual choice - I think that deck was primarily designed as an "art" deck rather than for serious divinatory use - but I've found that it seems to work well for me, even for the non-sex-related reading I usually do. There are a lot of things in the design of that deck that I think could either be very clever, insightful choices on the part of the designer, or else just random stuff he did for artistic reasons on which I'm imposing my own tarot-related assumptions. For instance, I like how the Knights are all female; that nicely solves the imbalance a lot of people object to in the court cards (three men and one woman per suit, in traditional decks) in a way that I think is definitely right for this particular deck. I also like the skinny Empress - it's a clever way to update the card image to the modern setting.

I also have a Rider-Waite deck I use when I do readings in public. It's familiar and non-scary to most people, and it's cheap and easy to replace so it doesn't really matter if it gets dirty or ruined in the places I take it.

I rarely use my copy of the Crowley Thoth deck. It doesn't seem to speak to me as well as some of the others. I feel like it speaks in the voice of its designer (metaphorically - I don't believe in tarot working by a "channeling" mechanism to any spiritual being other than my own unconscious mind) and most of the time I don't need to hear what Crowley has to say on any given subject. Smug bastard. I do really like the book he wrote about it, though, partly because of its random and uneven nature. He'll write ten pages about one card, then half a paragraph about another, and then oh look it's five pages of drug visions, and then back to the list of individual cards...

I have a whole bunch of other decks, most of which seldom see much use.
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great questions! :)

I use the Ancient Egyptian Tarot pretty much exclusively. when I came across the deck on a few years ago, I fell in love. I was extremely fortunate to find it for sale on ebay for $15. I think it was meant to be mine. :) I follow the gods of Ancient Egypt. When I got this deck, I finally got the tarot, and I've been able to do readings without having to check the book for interpretation every time I drew a card.

past decks I've used: the Rider-Waite, Morgan Greer, Tarot of a Moon Garden, and Connolly Tarot.

I liked the Morgan Greer a lot, and used it until I got my hands on my Egyptian deck. I had a very hard time reading the Moon Garden deck; it was very pretty to look at, though.

I don't have very many superstitions (for lack of a better word) regarding my tarot deck. I keep it in a little bag I made because mine didn't come with a card box (just shrink-wrapped cards in a larger box with the book), and I don't loan it out to anybody because that feels strange. however, I don't mind if people shuffle it while I'm doing a reading for them, and I don't think there is anything mystical about the cards themselves -- they are just cardboard. personally, I believe that Something is guiding the distribution of the cards in a meaningful way.
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The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is a beautiful deck - thank you for the link, thenightbird.
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The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is gorgeous! Thanks for the link. I confess to being a little envious. I'm a Germanic pagan, but none of the decks that I've seen so far that feature the Norse gods really work for me. Part of it may be that Heathenry and Tarot aren't really compatible systems, whereas the Egyptian material works beautifully in Tarot. Part of it may be that I'm just too damned persnickety. ^_^


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