This might be the last deck I get for awhile, because I need to focus on the Deviant Moon Tarot deck for once, and other forms of divination. 

 Anyway. I bought a copy of it recently because according to the description on Llewllyn's website, the cards are 3x5 inches, thus larger than the packaged set. And thankfully they are, though a bit thin IMHO, but thankfully not as bad as what they did with Legacy of the Divine Tarot. I'm disappointed by the lack of gilded edges (at least I assume they had it in the boxed set), and because of the detail in the watercolor art I think the cards should of been a bit larger, but at least they're viewable and interpretable. Sadly, no Happy Squirrel card is in this edition.  

 It has a faint chemical smell, but at least it (mostly) goes away by airing it out, but your mileage may vary.  

 That being said, I still plan on using them in the near future, and I hope Llewllyn will do the same with their other Tarot kit packages of the past few years, especially with Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the upcoming Gaian Tarot. My current speculations that the release of the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck is a test run to see if people are willing to buy it without the book, so I don't regret purchasing it. Let's hope that I'm correct in that they're finally listening to customer criticism.
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My Shadowscapes deck doesn't have gilded edges (and it came with the book), unless you mean the slightly shiny silvery-lavendery color of the borders.
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I like the book quite a bit; it has larger images of each card (though, unfortunately, in greyscale), with lovely descriptions and bits of poetry. It also has a few layouts that I haven't seen elsewhere.
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i bought the shadowscapes deck with the book as soon as it was released, and the edges are plain, not gilded.

i really like the book; the stories about the cards really resonate for me.


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