I'm hoping that other people will write most of the entries in here - it shouldn't all be me - but at the same time I want to spur some discussion so I'll probably be posting a few discussion-starter kinds of entries. [personal profile] ladyseishou suggested an "introduce yourself" thread but I think I'll hold off on that until after the grand opening when we'll probably get a lot more readers and writers here. Others are free to post their introductions whenever, though.

For now, does anybody want to talk about connections between individual cards? In your favourite deck, are there two cards that seem to be depictions of parts of the same story, or the same scene from different viewpoints? For instance, if you look closely at the R-W Death card, you can see that the Sun is rising between two pillars that strongly resemble the ones on the Moon card. What would it mean for those to be the same pillars? Is the land through which Death rides the same land entered by the personal journey suggested by the Moon? Of course, many other cards (especially in that deck, but also in others) have the general design of a person between two pillars that may or may not resemble the ones on other cards. I'm sort of inclined to view all these as representing different paths to the same secret that's behind all these people.

In other decks there may be designed-in connections among cards - some designers are quite explicit about stating that a sequence of cards represents a story about some characters and showing those same characters on the different cards to create the link. Any good examples of decks where the designers have done that on purpose? I recently found out, and was a bit disappointed, that this kind of effect in the Manara deck comes from the fact that many of the images are repurposed from his other works - so the fact of the same person appearing on more than one card may not be deliberate or particularly significant. Then again, we're free to read in whatever esoteric meanings we care to.
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([personal profile] mskala Apr. 15th, 2009 04:24 pm)
What deck(s) do you use and why?

Do you think individual decks (instances of the same design) have their own personalities - like, do you expect your copy of Rider-Waite to behave differently from my copy of Rider-Waite?

Do you use different decks for different readings?

Do you put the Crowley and Waite decks together and shake the jar to see if they'll fight? (Don't laugh, I've heard of people doing it.)

Does a deck work better if you receive it as a gift than if you buy it? Is it necessary, or unthinkable, to steal your deck? (All positions I've heard people advocate seriously.)

Some of my thoughts )


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