Hi everyone!

I'm Stellina, and I've been reading Tarot for about a year now. I actually started my Dreamwidth account mainly to have someplace to post up daily draws and other forms of Tarot journalling exercises, so I'm really happy to see a Tarot community here! I'm also studying cartomancy with regular playing cards.

Some of the decks I like/use on a regular basis are the LS Mini Universal, the Medieval Scapini, and the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg (that one's mostly for the winter, though). I have a few others, but mostly I stick with those three because I feel like I can interpret them pretty well, and also due to the sizing of most decks -- the Goddess Tarot, for example, is just huge for my hands. (I hear they have a mini version out now, might give that a try)

Which brings me to my question -- how do you handle shuffling large decks? Right now I do the "take a chunk from the back of the deck and sort of redistribute smaller chunks in front or back of the deck" method, but I really just wish I could riffle shuffle them. I've tried the Faro shuffle, too, but it's really hard to do! Any suggestions?

Thanks all, I am really looking forward to future discussions in this community!


I'm Lucy ( _superherogirl_ @ LJ )! I was really excited to see there was already a Tarot community created on DreamWidth. Well, there's not much to say about me other than, I'm very bubbly, friendly, spiritual, artsy, and love animals ( especially fluffy bunnies, that I more than have enough of at home ♥ more of my interests on my LJ profile ). I've also been into cartomancy since I was real young, and love giving just about anyone a reading. Immediately upon creating my journal on here, I made a duplicate of my Tarot community [community profile] empressreadings

Unfortunately, since I recently got myself a new computer my website has yet to be properly dressed for business. Although, I believe that will change before my birthday. Anyways, got a little sidetracked there. :x *blush* If anyone is interested in weekly insight, discussion, funtimes, constant recommendations, news, and the like related to Tarot, please don't hesitate to join. I usually transfer most posts from LJ, so if you have an account over there as well, come and join me over there too! <3 If you have any questions of the nature of the community, please check the intro post here. Hopefully that answers any and all of your questions. If not ask away! The layout and graphics are still in the works, but I do intend to change that soon. :)

Gosh, I'm always so nervous when posting in a community, so I hope I did everything right. :o Looking forward to meeting new people on DW, take care everyone! <33333


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