Hi everyone!

I'm Stellina, and I've been reading Tarot for about a year now. I actually started my Dreamwidth account mainly to have someplace to post up daily draws and other forms of Tarot journalling exercises, so I'm really happy to see a Tarot community here! I'm also studying cartomancy with regular playing cards.

Some of the decks I like/use on a regular basis are the LS Mini Universal, the Medieval Scapini, and the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg (that one's mostly for the winter, though). I have a few others, but mostly I stick with those three because I feel like I can interpret them pretty well, and also due to the sizing of most decks -- the Goddess Tarot, for example, is just huge for my hands. (I hear they have a mini version out now, might give that a try)

Which brings me to my question -- how do you handle shuffling large decks? Right now I do the "take a chunk from the back of the deck and sort of redistribute smaller chunks in front or back of the deck" method, but I really just wish I could riffle shuffle them. I've tried the Faro shuffle, too, but it's really hard to do! Any suggestions?

Thanks all, I am really looking forward to future discussions in this community!



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