I've just opened up my first one card Tarot draw, here at my journal. Come one, come all!
I'd like to start an action and answer all kinds of questions in the love sphere, using Tarot Of The Dream Enchantress. It's a deep and hopeful deck, and is really interesting with such kind of questions.
From you I need your name and birth date, and same for the person you are asking about. Photos are real help, too.
And, of course, a question, with a brief (or not so brief - up to you) description of the situation.
I'll do the first one for free, but if there would be more requests, I need to take some payment (webmoney), but the sum is completely up to you, you can send it after my answer.
Comment here, and then sent me your question via e-mail right away: shigella@list.ru
Good luck and blessed be.

 After seeing some accusations against Marcus Katz in a thread in an Amazon.com review, I googled around to see what the drama was about and OMGWHATISTHISICAN'TEVEN.

 Janet Boyer, who really hates Donnaleigh de LaRose-the woman who runs and hosts the Tarot Tribe podcast, decides it's a great idea to upload her badly written snuff murder fantasy story on Amazon, then bitches about the backlash against her, one she most certainly deserves. The hypocrisy from Boyer, as you can see from the FaceBook thread, is astounding. Oh sure, Storm Cestavani unsurprisingly turns out to be a fraud (to me at least) and perhaps de LaRose should have been more open about it after kicking him off after she discovered the truth about him, but face it, Boyer is promoting New Wage cult-friendly bullshit like The Work and The Law of Attraction so it's the pot calling the kettle black. Whatever problems there might be with that program-which I believe is still worth listening to-at least de LaRose isn't doing this to feed in to her ego. Boyer's fauxpology clearly shows she has no regrets at all about what she did, oh noooooooo, it's just that evil Tarot community doesn't recognize her genius, her work is like Stephen King and Dexter novels, criticizing and shunning people for making death threats means you don't really understand edgy fiction.

 The bright side is is that she's been kicked out of and refused entry to a lot of Tarot and cartomancy groups and gatherings, both online and off, but I felt it'd be a good idea if I helped spread the word in order to help keep a good trend going.
Hello again. :) I'm offering free one, three and four card readings on my journal today, to help me learn to work with my newest deck, the Fairy Tale Tarot. Post is here. I hope you stop by!
Me again. ^_^ The One Card Draw is closed, but I'm still trying to raise donations to help my friend with her car repairs. So I have a new post and offer up here. Please consider donating? Thank you.
Hello everyone, I'm hosting a free One Card Draw in my journal today, here. I've just started doing this monthly; this month half of the total donations will go towards helping a friend of mine pay for repairs to her car. Details are in the post. :) Thank you, and blessed be.
Hi, I'm Wren Starling, and I do a monthly one card draw from the bird oracle cards that I created myself, with some serious nudging from the universe. Today is my April One Card Draw, and I wanted to invite you to come and request a card. (One card is free, but tips are appreciated!)
Thank you!
 Robert Place's Alchemy and Tarot book has been submitted to Lightening Source Press, at least according to his FaceBook account.

 Baba Studio/Magical Realist Press might reprint the Victorian Romantic Tarot again this year, and I know I'll be purchasing a few copies for sure, since I was very disappointed that the first time I ever even heard of it was when it was sadly sold out. Next to Deviant Moon, I thought it had some of the best Tarot art ever, it clicked so well for me.


 On a personal note I think I'll be giving Lo Scarabeo a try this month, so does anyone out there have an opinion on Tarot of the Pagan Cats?

 I'm also interested in the Wizard Tarot, so naturally I'm also interested in any opinions current users of it may have.

 Not a review, but more of a complaint. US Games in their infinite wisdom decided it would be a great idea to use shiny, smelly lamination for this deck, just like with the new Joie de Vivre Tarot. This worries me, since I now dread how the upcoming (if ever) Sun deck tarot Patrick Valenza US Games might be published. We need to do something to fight this trend.
Thanks to [personal profile] takemyrevolution's head's-up, I asked Santa to stick a Dollar Tree tarot deck in my Christmas stocking, and, wow.

It's not actually a bad deck - it's printed in three colors (red, yellow, black) on fairly flimsy, non-glossy cardstock, but I actually like the design that went into it, and I've been wanting a basic tarot deck that has non-pictorial pip cards.


It is the weirdest deck of cards, tarot or otherwise, I have ever encountered. It has the full Major Arcana (unnumbered), and then it has suit cards numbered 1-7 and Page, knight, queen, king, and ace. If you add in the 8 'divination' cards (which go with the "mystic mat" as guides to doing a Celtic cross layout variant) it does in fact add up to the 'complete set with 78 cards' that the box promises, but, uh, not the cards I expected, and the explanatory pamphlet is... not very explanatory.

Has anyone seen a deck with those cards in it before, tarot or otherwise? I haven't. I checked Hoyle's and apparently there are some old rummy-type games (like Conquian) that use a deck of A-7 + J Q K, but even they don't have ones and aces. Is there somewhere in the world where this is the normal set of cards?
If you are in need of a tarot deck and you live near a Dollar Tree, check out their toy isle. I don't know if all Dollar Trees have the same selection, but the one near me has smallish 78-card tarot decks. I picked one up tonight. It's nothing fancy, but the art is okay and hey, it's a functional deck.

Just thought I'd mention it. :)
 One that I've been looking forward to, the Cat's Eye Tarot, and Paulina Cassidy's new deck Joie De Vivre, which IMHO appears to be an improvement over her last one.
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([personal profile] matrya Oct. 29th, 2011 02:33 am)
Hi! First time poster, so be gentle with me.

I've been reading cards for over a decade, both personally and professionally.

I've recently made the decision to create my own deck for private use and was wondering if anyone around here had done the same and could offer any introspection into any kind of changes in reading this might cause.

Thank you for your time.
 Has anyone out there tried BPAL's line, or similar brands? 
The Morbidly Adorable Tarot, to be published by US Games, whenever the hell it might get finished, that is. I'm betting in or around 2012-13 at this rate.
After awhile of getting myself familiar with Modern Astrology, I felt like I was hitting a brick wall, and not getting the answers I needed, with far too many of these books being too vague for my taste, the usual repetition taken as gospel about some asteroid or Outer Planet, or stupid crap being made up on the fly-Matthew Currie's labeling of women with Venus opposing Uranus as 'Spice Girls' in an older episode of his podcast easily comes to mind.

It wasn't until I started begrudgingly using the whole sign system and triplicity rulers (there isn't just one set) and started going through a nice Hellenistic/Classical astrology text did much of it come together, and make, dare I say, bitter, fatalistic sense. For personal reasons, I will not get in to that much detail here, though I will say having the Classical ruler of your 7th house conjuncting a nasty fixed star in the 6th house in the Face and Term of Saturn should not be played down with the new age modern kittens and puppies mentality of far too many of today's astrologers still do. I still need to read more of these older texts and learn a few dead languages, but I've come to the conclusions that the ancients were mostly right, even though they might not be the best at writing manuals-that would take a few more centuries.

So what does this have to do with Tarot? A lot I believe, because the Tarot community, including the writer Mary K Greer, seems to be having a similar mentality, with its lack of comfort with fortune telling and how life really can suck. Let's take a look at her latest advice. Sounds so innocent, doesn't it?-


Now first to be fair here, I am aware that there are a fair amount of frauds and exploiters out there who rip people off by exaggerating or making up stuff about how allegedly in big trouble they are. However, people like Mary K Greer and company throw the baby out of the bathwater here by looking down at prediction altogether (especially the nasty realities of life), as though what they themselves are doing doesn't involve it. Even just using it as a psychological exercise involves the use of guesses they wouldn't get through other means. What Greer does is fortune telling, pure and simple, her type of fortune telling only limited by what kind of readings she chooses to do, regardless of what she picks up from readings, or picks and chooses to tell her clients.

From the thread, Greer comments that:

I chose not to tell a young mother-to-be that I saw problems regarding the birth of her child. I was glad when the birth went beautifully, but 3 months later the baby died of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), in circumstances that one could never have protected against. Should I have created an unhealthy state of anxiety for that mother? Absolutely not!

The trouble here is that we don't know all the circumstances in this incident, and this is after all, just one incident. We don't know about previous mental issues this mother may or may not have, nor anything else.

However, this problem could of also perhaps been much more easily predicted using a Horary, and those who use traditional methods of Western Astrology are far more likely to be blunt about these types of issues. If those who read Horaries are honest about fate with their clients, why can't Tarot readers be?

Personally, if I found out a card reader or astrologer was keeping important medical information away from me, I would no longer be seeing them. I would go to someone else.

The issues of ethics in divination, while worth discussing, are still being discussed in the Tarot (and some of the astrology community) in a way that is far too black and white Good vs Evil than an honest look at the difficulties and problems of life. Predicting a breakup (which I have done before) isn't necessarily a bad thing given the context, nor is a death if a Will must be made, or the possibility of getting a disease what preventative steps should be taken. These are all natural parts of life, as are the good things. These are issues traditional diviners have answered for thousands of years. I can't help wonder, why are card readers being held to different standards?

The reason I started this post with the topic of Traditional astrology is because this is where I seem to be leaning towards lately (though I'm not ready to read charts yet), and the mentality of the Tarot community with its focus on Never Be Negative, something which the Traditional Astrology community lacks (unless perhaps they're discussing frauds). Tarot will always have the problem of vagueness, but a good reader should know the difference between fraud and the need for honesty, and not confuse the two. I believe people like Greer do.

My interest in divination has to do with the need for good answers for real life questions one may not be able to get in other ways, thus, like it or not, what Greer does is prediction even if she is choosey about what her guesses are. It's also a reason I would never pay to have her do a reading for me, anymore than most an astrologer who do not accept things like traditional rulerships and essential dignity schemes, if they are not good at or willing to do what the job description involves, then what good are they? It's like a vegan working at a deli who refuses to sell meat products, pointless.

This is not to say one shouldn't have to worry about a proper rapport with clients, and if you do engage in divination you should want honest feedback from your clients, but correct behavior shouldn't be used as a poor argument against the fortune telling aspect of what one is really doing. If you don't understand or don't feel comfortable with discussing how much life can really be difficult in a reading, much less want to be honest with their clients, fine, but I'd rather these people not bother with the finger waving with those who do.

So yeah, I'm a bit skeptical now of whoever seems to deemed as the Pope of Tarot these days, especially when they say this kind of 'advice'.

Pre-ETA: Am I a snob for not approving of the suggestion that you can just mix and match Tarot with Astrology? At the very least, learn the real history and tradition of it first before you get tempted to do something like that.
  This might be the last deck I get for awhile, because I need to focus on the Deviant Moon Tarot deck for once, and other forms of divination. 

 Anyway. I bought a copy of it recently because according to the description on Llewllyn's website, the cards are 3x5 inches, thus larger than the packaged set. And thankfully they are, though a bit thin IMHO, but thankfully not as bad as what they did with Legacy of the Divine Tarot. I'm disappointed by the lack of gilded edges (at least I assume they had it in the boxed set), and because of the detail in the watercolor art I think the cards should of been a bit larger, but at least they're viewable and interpretable. Sadly, no Happy Squirrel card is in this edition.  

 It has a faint chemical smell, but at least it (mostly) goes away by airing it out, but your mileage may vary.  

 That being said, I still plan on using them in the near future, and I hope Llewllyn will do the same with their other Tarot kit packages of the past few years, especially with Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the upcoming Gaian Tarot. My current speculations that the release of the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck is a test run to see if people are willing to buy it without the book, so I don't regret purchasing it. Let's hope that I'm correct in that they're finally listening to customer criticism.
 The [personal profile] astrology community seems to be pretty much dead. Now I'll admit I'm hardly what you would call an expert on this subject, in fact, I'm still at the beginner's stage, but I'm thinking of starting another community in hopes for more traffic in comparison, and besides, there is a lot of interesting stuff out there that's been discovered in the traditional astrology community that too many of the pop astrologers out there like to ignore, which I believe merits discussion. Or just to ask someone here if they're interested in doing it for me.

 If this is the wrong place for me to ask if anyone else might be interested in my ideas, I'll delete this post.